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Ready to discover a new you? With a little hard work, a healthy diet, and a commitment to yourself you are on your way to a brand new you. This is a program you can do completely at home with little equipment. This 10 week journey will help you shed body fat, increase energy, and tone up your body. Together we will push hard, learn new healthy habits, and learn to make healthier life choices that will continue to guide us long after the end of this program . We look forward to assisting you in this journey.

10 Weeks. You can do it. We will help you!

10 Week 20 Pound Weight Loss Challenge


live in portland?

Swing by for our home gym; West Coast Fitness. We are a local, independent gym with so much to offer: Multiple studios for CrossTraining, Yoga, Hot Yoga, Zumba, Spinning, and Obstacle Course. Learn More at: www.PDXgym.com


Athletes with a Monthly Unlimited Membership are entitled to a $50 discount on our 12 Week Body Reshaping Bootcamp and our 10 WEEK 20 POUND WEIGHT LOSS Program  


Even after a lifetime of not exercising, I was able to make amazing changes”

Marissa James

“The online videos were benficial and helped keep my sanity”

Jinga Low




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